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A Detox Diet Combined With Herbs

Our 90-day Detox Diet Programme

A “detox diet” is a great way to help the body detox. To increase the value of detox diets even further, combine them with herbs, as we do in our popular 90 Detox Diet Programme.

Contents of the 90-day Detox Diet Programme

The contents of the 90-day Detox Diet Programme are as follows:

  • Well-used herbal formula to help the colon, liver lidneys. These formulae, in much the same combinations, have been used by Specialist Herbal Supplies for 25 years. In addition to the main formulations, the 90-day Detox Diet Programme contains Detox Tea, our unique combination of herbs to help detox which you take daily.
  • Advice on a healthy diet, while following the programme. Diets for detox vary greatly. Diets which emphasise protein or which last 3 or 5 days are, in our view, of limited value by themselves. We recommend a gentle gradual detox diet based on sound naturopathic principles, and lasting 90 days. This detox diet approach is explained thoroughly in the pamphlet accompanying the 90-day Detox Diet Programme. You cannot over-estimate the value of restricting your diet to foods and drinks which promote detox. Do this gently and progressively – and we show you how – and you will maximize your detox safely over 90 days.
  • A comprehensive pamphlet explaining the herbs and detailing the dietary recommendations we make.
  • Our free, unlimited advice by phone or email to help you every step of the way.

View our 90-day Detox Diet Programmes

How the 90-day Detox Diet Programme Helps You

Every cell in the body produces toxins as a by-product of its natural activity. To stay healthy the body must either convert these toxins into harmless substances or eliminate them from the body as quickly as possible. Diet is very important to help these processes; the purpose of all detox diets is to support these processes.

Additional, highly poisonous toxins have been shown to be produced in the colon (large intestine) when waste matter is retained in the body for too long. To avoid this, it is vital that waste matter is excreted in a timely way. Again, the importance of detox diets eg as relates to fibre intake.

The aim of the Specialist Herbal Supplies90-day Detox Diet Programme is to help the body to deal effectively with toxins by combining herbs with a detox diet. It benefits the whole body, PLUS by including herbal products which can help support specific organs of the body, it further increases the support provided by the dietary changes you make.

These herbs help the following vital detox organs

  • The liver – the organ which converts toxic into non-toxic substances. The formula we use here is Liv Capsules or Drops.
  • The kidneys, a major organ of elimination. We use Kid Capsules or Drops for this purpose.
  • The colon, or large intestine, the other major organ of elimination, where a reasonable ‘passage time’ of waste matter must also be maintained to ensure good health. We include Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops for this purpose.

After finishing the 90-day Detox Diet Programme, many people report feeling refreshed when waking up in the morning, good stamina levels, and a general feeling of lightness and cleanliness.

Two Versions of The 90-day Detox Diet Programme

There are two versions of the 90-day Detox Diet Programme – one with Capsules, for those who like the convenience of capsules; and one with Drops – for those who cannot take capsules, or who find drops more convenient.

Normal usage of the herbs for detox is:

Capsules – you will usually take 3 capsules, 3 times a day with food, plus one cup of Detox Tea a day.
Drops – you will usually take a total of 45 drops in water or juice, 3 times a day with or in between meals, plus one cup of Detox Tea a day.

Remember, for the best detox diet, these herbs are taken in addition to the diet changes you will make.

The Herbs In The 90-day Detox Diet Programme

Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops

Most naturopaths think that we should have as many bowel movements a day as meals eaten. We have found that Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops work brilliantly to support the colon, and very many users have been delighted with the help this product has given them. This has always been our best selling product.

Usage: Usual amount recommended 1 capsule, or 12-15 drops, 3 times a day. The amount can be varied according to your requirement: you may want to take 2, or even 3 capsules (or 35-45 drops) 3 times a day to maintain a good level of bowel movement. This can be continued for as long as you want to which, usually, would probably not be more than one or two weeks.

Liv Capsules or Drops

Liv Capsules is Dr Christopher’s formula, and is based on the excellent herb barberry. Liv Drops is also a very helpful formula and is based on fringe tree bark and dandelion root. They are both most beneficial for the liver.

Usage: Usual amount recommended 1 capsule, or 12-15 drops, 3 times a day. If wanted, 2 capsules, or 25-30 drops, 3 times a day can be used.

Kid Capsules or Drops

To help the body to ensure good functioning of the kidneys, we recommend Kid CapsulesDr Christopher’s formula – or Kid Drops, a very good kidney formula based on parsley piert (no relation to parsley) and couchgrass. Taking either of these formulae for 3 months can be very beneficial for the kidneys.

Usage: Usual amount recommended 1 capsule, or 12-15 drops, 3 times a day. If wanted, 2 capsules, or 25-30 drops, 3 times a day can be used.

Detox Tea

This herbal tea has a general effect on supporting detox; this is exactly what ‘blood cleansing’ means. The blood which comes from the intestines is full of bacteria, toxic breakdown-products of bacteria, and other toxins. To maintain health, the body must filter and purify this blood. Detox Tea herbs can assist in this process.

Usage: Make the tea with one teaspoon of the herbs to a small pot of tea. Leave to infuse for ten minutes. Drink at any time of the day until finished.

In combination with diet changes these herbs will work brilliantly to help detox take place well.

View our 90-day Detox Diet Programmes

Extra Recommendations to Help The 90-day Detox Diet Programme

The pamphlet you receive with your programme gives you extra recommendations to use with your 90-day Detox Diet Programme. These include:

  • Preparing yourself for detox; to get the best results and to reduce any side-effects, you need to take up to a week to prepare yourself for your detox diet; we tell you how
  • Juice fasting – how to increase the benefits of your diet hugely with this easy and healthy method.
  • Exercise – why exercise is so vital to your detox
  • The importance of rest and relaxation to your detox diet approach
  • Additional herbs you an use to further enhance your detox

Cautions: We advise caution in certain circumstances when using the 90-day Detox Diet Programme. This would apply to any other diets which are aiming to assist in detox. These cautions apply if:

  • You are frail or elderly
  • You have a serious illness
  • You are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding this should be fine.
  • You are taking drugs; check with your doctor before embarking on the 90-day Detox Diet Programme

Additional Herbs You Can Use On Your Detox Diet

There are additional herbs which can further help detox which we can provide and which you might like to consider using. Here is a selection of them.

Bio Multi-flora

This is a unique combination of six different bowel flora, the exact proportion of which has been specified for us by an expert in the field. The formulation is long-lived, and hardy. Having a good balance of bowel flora can help to maintain the elimination of toxins from the bowel, and reduce the production of additional toxins.

Usage: 1 capsule once a day is usual. 2 or even 3 capsules a day can be used if desired.

Detox Capsules or Drops

This formula can be used either to enhance the benefits of the four herbal products above, or as a less strong, but none-the-less beneficial, and lower-cost alternative. A great combination of well-known herbs for detox, including burdock, red clover, and poke root.

Usage: One capsule or 12-15 drops in a little water or juice three times a day is good; 2 or 3 capsules or 25-35 drops in a little water or juice, 3 times a day would give stronger support. Three months use is a good length of course.

Burdock Drops

A main ingredient of Detox Capsules and Detox Drops. Use this herb in place of the above if you want an alternative in drops form. Burdock is a well loved British herbs, used with benefit for many centuries to help detox. Has a reputation of benefiting the skin.

Usage: 12-15 drops 3 times a day in a little water or juice. If desired, up to 35-45 drops three times a day can be used. Three months use is a good length of course.

Lu Capsules

This formula is based on the powerfully supportive herbs, elecampane, golden rod, and thyme. Being one of the elimination organs, it is beneficial to support the lungs when considering elimination in general. This excellent formula supports lung function, the immune system of the lungs, and can help ensure the body absorbs maximum oxygen into the blood stream.

Usage: Usual amount recommended 1 capsule 3 times a day. If wanted, 2, 3 times a day can be taken.

Power Garlic Capsules

Garlic has a blood cleansing effect which makes it a great help in a detox. Use lots of garlic in your cooking - or use Specialist Herbal SuppliesPower Garlic. Or do both! Power Garlic is a unique high quality, full strength - yet low odour – garlic. Garlic benefits the lungs, and can help the body to keep bacteria and viruses to a minimum,

Usage: One capsules a day is usually taken, equivalent to one clove of garlic (one of the segments of a bulb). Up to 3 capsules a day can be taken if desired.

Good Luck With Your 90-day Detox Diet Programme

Good luck with your programme and don’t forget we are always here to help if you need to chat about anything – it’s all part of the service. Phone us during office hours (UK time) or email us anytime.

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