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Detox Diet

It is fairly easy to help your body to detox by using diet. Food which cause toxins to build up most are:

  • Starches such as sugar, bread, rice, pasta
  • Protein, especially meat, fish, dairy foods such as milk and cheese, and eggs
  • Saturated fats - mainly fats in meat, and/or from frying.
  • Tea, coffee, alcohol

Food which avoid toxins building up, or which help the body to flush them out are:

  • Vegetables - excluding starchy ones (which belong in the above category). Starchy vegetables are, in the West, mainly potatoes; but also include parsnips. Have as many vegetables as you can raw, if you possibly can. Otherwise, light steaming is best.
  • Fruit in moderation. Berries are good; the other fruits and all fruit juices, have in moderation because of the high sugar content.

So, the solution for 'detox through diet' can be quite simple: Cut out, or reduce, foods and drinks in the top list, and increase foods and drinks in the lower list.

Life is not always simple; and these princples can be hard to apply. Perhaps aim for 90% compliance with these recommendations! If you get to 90% you will be doing better than many.

If you 'fall off the wagon' don't worry; just get back on, and try again.

For more details on detox and one our products to assist detox, see:

  • The article on A Healthy Lifestyle, which contains more information on diet for detox.
  • The Detox Diet Programme - background information. This contains extra facts about that product of ours.
  • Detox diet products, which contains a list of all our products related to detox - products for colon, kidneys and liver as well as for generla detox.
  • Detox Diet Programmes, which lists the varieties of 'detox diet programmes' we produce. The main choices are whether you like to take capsules, or whether drops are better for you..

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