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Hormone Balance and Bleeding During Monthly Cycle

Hormone BalanceWhere there is hormonal balance there will be normal bleeding during the menstrual cycle. The monthly periods are regular, neither too light nor too heavy and are of medium colour with no blood clots. The periods will be comfortable, sleep will be normal and energy will be as usual.

To help maintain hormonal balance herbs can be a great help. We have a number of herbal combinations and single herbs we can recommend.

In particular, to support normal bleeding during the menstrual cycle and help you to feel comfortable during your periods, we recommend:

A Unique Herbal Programme

90-day Menstrual ProgrammeThe 90-day Menstrual Programme

This is a combination of three unique herbal products - Femarone Capsules, Liv Capsules and Fem Rep Tea (there is also a version of the programme with herbal 'drops' instead of capsules) along with an accompanying pamphlet. As with all our products, you also receive unlimited FREE support by phone or email.

Help keep balance in the menstrual cycle

Herbal Formulas

Herbal formulas which can help keep the hormones in balance at period time include:

Liv CapsulesFemarone Capsules or Femarone Drops - our unique herbal formula with 12 different herbs, based on the excellent formula of the brilliant Dr Christopher, the teacher of our company's founder.

Femarone CapsulesLiv Capsules or Liv Drops - Two great formulas to help the liver. It is often found helpful to support the liver around the time of the periods. Many women report that this has been helpful for them.

Fem Rep Tea - A brilliant and unique menstrual herbal tea containing Raspberry leaf, Motherwort, Squaw vine and Uva ursi. Great to drink throughout the month to help keep the hormones in balance.

Single Herbs

Various single herbs can help to keep the hormones in balance. The following are the most popular among our customers.

Agnus Castus CapsulesAgnus Castus Capsules or Agnus Castus Drops - (sometimes mis-spelled 'Angus castus', or 'agnus cactus'). Vitex Agnus Castus, to use its full Latin name, has a very strong reputation among women. It is used as a very successful support for women of all ages - from teenage to menopause age. Best taken before breakfast each day.

Dong Quai Capsules or Dong Quai Drops - This is equivalent of Agnus Castus in the Far East - it is THE herb there for women. Many women have found Dong Quai extremely good for them. Strongly recommended.

Hormone Balance and Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, herbs won't maintain hormone balance by themselves in the absence of a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, and moderation in work are all considerations which help the hormones to keep in balance.


Fresh vegetablesThe usual rules of a healthy diet apply. Our recommendations, briefly, are:

  • Maximise consumption of non-starchy vegetables and salads
  • Eat oily fish several times a week
  • Eat only a little starchy food - potatoes, bread, pasta, rice. This is because these foods are around 80% sugar, and sugar is linked to degenerative diseases.
  • Cut right down on tea and coffee. Drink green tea regularly.
  • Cut down on dairy foods - milk, cheese, butter
  • Cut down on fruit juices - which, again, are very high in sugar. Vegetable juices are much better, though carrot juice is high in sugar - so mix it with other vegetables.
  • For protein, eat mainly chicken and turkey breast, fish, and some tofu and beans. It is probably too difficult to get sufficient varied protein from vegetarian diet; and this type of diet is also usually high in starch - ie sugar (see above)


ExerciseExercise is vital to health. We recommend weight bearing exercise (with weights, or on gym machines) to maintain muscle bulk and hormone levels; as well as cardio-vascular exercise - eg brisk walking for 30 minutes daily. Other exercise methods - eg court games - are a fine 'extra' but are often not a substitute for the above two essential types of exercise. For weight bearing exercises there is no substitute; and fdor cardio exercise, the exercise much be constant - no resting between points - for 20-30 minutes. Walking is good as it is kind to knees. Swimming is also good, but probably not as good as walking.

Rest and Relaxation vs. Overwork

Long term, overwork is debilitating and tiring. Imbalance of this type long term is not healthy. At some phases of life this cannot be avoided - eg family commitments may demand very hard work from time to time. However, long term, this will exhaust the body as well as leading to increased levels of stress. How quickly this happens depends on your constitution.

Hormone Balance - a Healthy Combination

In our experience - since 1982 - a combination of herbs plus a healthy lifestyle have proven very successful in helping you to maintain hormone balance. Try out our herbs; change your lifestyle for the better - and keep in touch with us to see if we can do anything to help you. You can email us anytime or telephone 0845 053 5433.

All the very best.

Help maintain balance of the menstrual cycle

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