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Articles: Good Digestion Help You Stay Healthy

DigestionGood digestion is essential for good health.

Every body organ and every cell depends on good nutrition for its survival. And that nutrition comes from our food. If we do not digest our food fully, we are starving our organs and our cells.

As we age our digestion naturally becomes weaker, so we may need to help it more at that time.

But even when young, some people have digestive challenges.

To help keep the digestion working well we can eat slowly; space our meals out - to eat smaller meals more often; take supplements - such as herbs - to help digest our food. Our articles cover these points in more detail.


Article 1: The benefits of Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm was made for the digestive system! What is it? The inner bark of a type of elm tree which, when powdered, makes a very, very soothing drink. As it descends the throat and passes through the stomach and intestines Slippery Elm coats every area it touches with its soothing mucillage.

To help the digestion keep calm and in a soothed state, we cannot recommend Slippery Elm enough. Read more in this article.

Detox for healthArticle 2: In preparation - please check back soon

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