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Liver cleansingArticles: The Benefits of Liver Cleansing

Herbs to cleanse the liver have always been very popular.

Many people associate their health with the liver and most people know how important the liver is.

The liver is the 'busiest' organ in the body. It is performing scores of complex operations every minute of the day. These range from storing sugar for energy as well as certain vitamins; helping digest our good by producing bile to digest fats; as well as its vital detox function, by which it makes safe otherwise toxic substances and get them ready for excretion from the body.

There is much we can do to help liver function.

Some of this revolves around our diet - what we can eat or drink to help the liver as well as what to avoid or cut down on; then there are natural medicines and therapies we can use to help keep the liver working well.

Our articles cover these vital areas of looking after the liver.


Article 1: Herbs You Can Use to Help Liver Function

We examine some herbs which can help the liver to keep working well.

We look in detail at our unique 90-day Liver Programme which many people find a convenient way to help the liver.

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