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Herbal Teas

Dig Tea Dig Tea

This digestive tea is aimed at helping your digestion to work well. Take it before or after any meal.

Bedtime Tea Bedtime Tea

A great tea to take at bedtime to help you get a relaxing night's sleep. Try taking a cup of this with 2-3 capsules of relaxing Bedtime Capsules half an hour before bed.

Detox Tea Detox Tea

A lovely tea to help you to detox. Tastes great - substitute it for your regular tea or coffee and drink it every day.

Fem Rep Tea Fem Rep Tea

This valuable female tea can help your body to keep the hormones in balance. Great for women wishing to keep the monthly cycle in balance; and also taken by many menopuasal women. We get very good reports back about this tea. Works very well combined with Femarone (monthly cycle-periods) or Femarone 40+ (menopause).

Hydrangea Root Tea Hydrangea Root Tea

Hydrangea has been known for centuries to really help the kidneys and bladder to keep working well. Helps to keep the kidneys free of deposits which might otherwise accumulate.

Kidney Tea Kidney Tea

A herbal tea for the kidneys which really helps the kidneys and bladder to keep working well. A lovely aroma - a cross between aniseed and a sort of antiseptic smell. Works very well together with Kid Capsules or Drops. We recommend a three month course.

Liv Tea Liv Tea

A great tea to help maintain great liver function. Helps detox and liver health. Combines well with our fantastic Liv Capsules or Drops. Use to help support detox.

Lu Tea Lu Tea

Help keep the lungs, sinuses and bronchial tubes working well by taking this herbal tea regularly. Works well taken with Lu Capsules

Marshmallow Leaf Tea Marshmallow Leaf Tea

Marshmallow Leaf Tea is usually used to accompany the Hydrangea Root Tea. Marshmallow Leaf is reputed to help the kidneys' natural function of expelling any tiny fragments lodged therein. It may have a lubricating benefit.

Nve Tea Nve Tea

This tea for the nerves can help to ensure the nerves stay strong, and can encourage feelings of relaxation. Makes a good combination with Nve Capsules or Nve-Restor Drops. The 90-day Nerve Programme includes Nve Tea, Nve Capsules or Nve-Restor Drops and Adreno Capsules or Drops. This 3-month programme is highly recommended for supporting the whole nervous system.

Pau d'Arco Tea Pau d'Arco Tea

Pau d'Arco is a tea which can help to keep the immune system working well. Valuble to take every day. Works well with Lym Capsules or Drops or Echinacea Capsules or Drops.

Rene Caisse Tea Rene Caisse Tea

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who discovered the formula for this tea and reputedly helped many of her patients with it. It is basically a formula to help maintain the body's powerful detox capabilities.

Slippery Elm Tea Slippery Elm Tea

Slippery Elm is a fantastically soothing herb. Made into a tea and drunk, it has this soothing effect all the way down the gut - the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines.

Three Continents Healing Tea Three Continents Healing Tea

This tea brings together herbs from three continents to help support the powerful healing abilities the body has.

W-Los Tea W-Los Tea

This tea is designed to help the body's own natural abilities to maintain a healthy body weight. Use it alongside a sensible diet. This should focus mainly on moderating starch in the diet, while maintaining good levels of healthy fat and protein.


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