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Nerve herbs

90-day Nerve Programme 90-day Nerve Programme

A unique 90-day programme for the nerves; a wonderful way to support the nerves and also the adrenal glands - which are vital to good nerve health.

90-day Liver Programme 90-day Liver Programme

A unique 90-day programme for the liver; a wonderful way to support the nerves, which are closely related to the nervous system.

St John's Wort St John's Wort

One of the best selling herbs in the UK. Used by very many people with great benefit.

Adreno Adreno

These herbs can help support the adrenal glands, which are absolutely vital to good nerve function.

Nve Nve

A great support for the body's nervous system. A 3-month course is recommended.

Liver Cleanse Liver Cleanse

Good for liver and gall bladder, the liver being a vital organ to keep the body working well.

Bedtime Bedtime

To support the body and mind at bedtime. Try taking 2 Bedtime Capsules and a cup of Bedtime Tea half an hour before bed.

Valerian Valerian

These are formulations which contain the soothing herb Valerian. Valerian has been found to support the body's natural anti-stress faculties.

Avena (Oat Seed) Drops Avena (Oat Seed) Drops

To support the nerves and the calcium of the bones.

B and B Drops B and B Drops

To support the nerves of the ears. A 'Dr Christopher formula' which he made popular in certain circles.

Motherwort Motherwort

One of a number of herbs used by menopausal women, but also has a good reputation for helping support the nerves.


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