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SHS Omega 3

SHS Omega 360

Everyone Benefits From Omega 3

Omega 3 is one supplement that benefits everyone. Scientists have recently stated that fact very clearly. (Daily Express front page, 5/8/09: "Everyone should take it daily, say scientists".) And the preferred form of omega 3 is to take fish oil. Fish itself is good - but it's hard to to get enough. Linseed (flaxseed) is the best vegetarian source: but the omega 3 oil is less available.

At SHS, we have identified a top quality fish oil in a vegetarian capsule. One capsule provides 160mg of EPA + 100mg of DHA.

How much to take

We recommend at least 2 capsules a day of SHS Omega 3, which gives you 520mg of DHA + EPA. This is a good start.

Save Money with SHS Omega 3

There are two ways to save money with SHS Omega 3 Capsules.

The first way is to set up a regular monthly order and save 10% every month. That way, you get your SHS Omega 3 every month - and we do all the work!

Secondly, choose the largest size - 240 capsules. We have priced this to give you a big discount compared to the smaller sizes. Buy it monthly and save a further £5 per pot!

SHS Omega 3 Capsules

60 capsules - one pot only - 13.50
120 Capsules - one pot only - 24.30
240 Capsules - one pot only - 43.20
60 capsules charged for & sent automatically every month - 10% off - 12.15
120 capsules charged for & sent automatically every month - 10% off - 21.87
240 capsules charged for & sent automatically every month -10% off - 38.88


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