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Wild Yam 40+

Wild Yam 40+
Wild Yam 40+ has become very popular among menopausal women particularly as its main ingredient is the popular Wild Yam herb. The additional ingredients are motherwort, dandelion, red sage and rosemary.
Try 2 capsules or 12-15 drops 3 times a day for 4-6 months. We recommend a 4-6 month course; you will need 400-600 capsules or 200-300ml drops.
An alternative formua to Wild Yam 40+ is Femarone 40+, our most popular combination product used in menopause.
A more wholistic solution can be to use our 90-day Menopause Programme which includes the Femarone 40+ and two other herbal products, plus a useful explanatory pamphlet, containing dietary and exercise advice.

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100 capsules - 25.92
200 capsules - 45.36
100ml drops - 30.78
200ml drops - 54.72


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