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Bio Multi-flora Capsules

Bio Multi-flora Capsules - a Favourite of the Probiotic Brands
Of all the probiotics brands out there, we think ours is a really great one.

This 'bowel flora' promotes a healthy bowel, and assists colon cleansing. Over the years our Bio Multi-flora has been improved and improved, until now it does not even need refrigeration to keep it fresh. If you can - do keep unused pots in a 'fridge for extra benefit, but this is not necessary for it still to contain 3.5 billion bacteria at the end of its long shelf-life (two years after packing).

You only need to take one capsule a day to help the colon to keep working well. We recommend an initial course of at least 3-4 months of this great formula to supplement the natural bowel flora, however it can be taken daily on a long term basis.

Bio Multi-flora is designed for us by a prominent UK nutritionist, Dr Lawrence Plaskett.

This is one of the few probiotic brands Dr Plaskett has designed - and we think it is the best!

When Dr Plaskett ran a UK Nutritional College he used to recommend Specialist Herbal Supplies to all his student: so our professional relationship goes back a long way.

Try the other probiotics brands if you must! But then come back to our Bio Multi-flora whenever you want to take our high quality, unique combation.

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30 capsules - 17.10
60 capsules - 30.78


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