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Cascara Compound variations

Cascara Compound Variations
For colon cleansing, more than 95% of people find the Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops are fine for them, but a few prefer the alternatives listed here.
Cascara & Lavender Capsules
omits the 'hot' herbs - Cayenne and Ginger - which are in Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops and substitute the milder Lavender. Cascara & Buckthorn is a different formulation entirely, which some people may find suits them better.
A 6-9 month course is usual. Many naturopaths believe that it is healthiest to have 2-3 bowel movements a day - as often as you eat.

54 Casc. & Lav. capsules - 16.20
100 Casc. & Lav. capsules - 25.92
200 Casc. & Lav. capsules - 45.36
54 Casc. & Buck. capsules - 16.20
100 Casc. & Buck. capsules - 25.92
200 Casc. & Buck. capsules - 45.36


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