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Colon Cleansing

What is Colon Cleansing?
Why Colon Cleansing?
Karen Kingston

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What is menopause?
Herbs used at menopause
Leslie Kenton

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What is Detox? Why Detox?
How do I Detox?

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What is Liver Cleansing?
How to do Liver Cleansing?
What is a Liver Flush?

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Colon cleansing, liver cleanse, detox diet, menopause...

For these 4 important areas - colon cleansing, liver cleanse, detox and menopause - diet, exercise and relaxation are all vital. And combining these important lifestyle approaches with herbs makes a fantastic combination.

Our Programme range does exactly this - combining diet, exercise and relaxation advice with 3 or 4 high quality herbal products to help you in these areas of colon cleansing, liver cleanse, detox and menopause. Signs of imbalance are best avoided by taking preventive actions to help keep the body in balance.

A diet for colon cleansing, for example; we would advise to include plenty of fresh vegetables which provide vital fibre; to help cleanse the liver, fatty foods including fried foods are best avoided; in detox, plenty of fruit and vegetables are a must; and in menopause stress is often a factor, so relaxation and 'time for yourself' is even more important than at other times. Lifestyle changes such as these are often crucial if you see early signs of imbalance.

The 90-day Colon Cleansing Programme, 90-day Liver Cleanse Programme, 90-day Detox Diet Programme and 90-day Menopause Programme have all been created to help you to keep in balance. As well as their 3 or 4 different herbal products, they contain a valuable pamphlet advising you on other lifestyle changes - from diet to cleansing to exercise.

Think of us whenever you need herbs to support your health - whether that's for colon cleansing, liver, detox, menopause, or any other reason. As a naturopathic company, we think cleansing is extremely important and we have seen just how often a cleanse has been useful for people. For cleansing to work well, the organs involved must be working efficiently - and the colon and liver are two key organs in this respect (others are the immune system, lungs and kidneys; there are programmes for these areas too).

We look forward to continuing to make our site better and better for your information and convenience. Remember to...

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