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Digestive herbs

90-day Digestive Programme 90-day Digestive Programme

A unique 90-day programme to help the digestion.

Dig Capsules, Drops and Tea Dig Capsules, Drops and Tea

Herbal products to help support the digestive function in general.

Licorice Capsules, Drops and Tea Licorice Capsules, Drops and Tea

Licorice root can help the stomach, duodenum and the whole intestinal tract.

Liver Cleanse Liver Cleanse

Good for liver and gall bladder, the liver being a vital organ to keep the body working well.

Pan Capsules and Drops Pan Capsules and Drops

Great support for the pancreas, which is vital to good digestion.

Slippery Elm Capsules and Tea Slippery Elm Capsules and Tea

Slippery Elm Plus is specifically aimed at helping maintain comfort of stomach and intestines. A fantastic herb, soothing in every way. Available in capsules or in powder, to make as a drink.

Stom-Bal Capsules Stom-Bal Capsules

Stom-Bal Capsules are often taken after a meal to help the stomach to remain relaxed at this time. It includes a measure of charcoal, which is very soothing for the stomach.

Ulc-Dig Capsules Ulc-Dig Capsules

Ulc-Dig Capsules can help to keep the stomach and intestines in a soothed state.


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