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Cayenne Capsules

Cayenne Capsules
Cayenne Pepper is a milder version of the spice (chillie) which makes curries hot; so it is surprising that some women finds it can help to keep them cool during menopause. It would be worth you trying Cayenne for this, and in any case you will get the other benefits of Cayenne - for the the heart and circulation.
Try one capsule, taken in the middle of each meal, to avoid any slight burning in the stomach.
Don't take Cayenne alongside blood-thinning drugs, and with caution alongside high blood pressure medication [blood pressure must be regularly monitored, to note if it reduces while taking the herb.]).
If you know you a little sensitive to this spice, it would be better to try other 'non-hot' herbs, such as Agnus Castus, Motherwort, or the combination product Femarone 40+.
Our 90-day Menopause Programme is a more wholistic solution, which includes three unique herbal products, plus a useful explanatory pamphlet, containing dietary and exercise advice.

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54 capsules - 13.50
100 capsules - 21.60


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