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Colon Cleansing herbs

90-day Colon Programme 90-day Colon Programme

Colon cleansing is very helpful for detox. The unique 90-day programme is to assist colon cleansing. The programme contains 3 products and a comprehensive explanatory leaflet. The products include Dr Christopher's formula to help the bowel, our Cascara Compound Capsules (or Drops).

Bio Multi-flora Capsules Bio Multi-flora Capsules

A powerful and unique long-life, temperature-stable bowel (colon) flora product. Promotes colon cleansing.

Cascara Compound Cascara Compound

A great support for good function of the bowel, or colon. We have used this extremely popular formula for over 5 years, and strongly recommend it.

Cape Aloe Compound Cape Aloe Compound

This formula offers stronger support for the bowel (colon) than does the Cascara Compound Capsules. The latter is better for short term use, but the former (Cape Aloe) can often be very helpful in the short term.

Psyllium Husks Psyllium Husks

Adds bulk to the stools and assists natural toxin removal. Very popular. Available in powder form or as capsules.

Colit Capsules Colit Capsules

A lovely, soothing formula which can help keep the bowel (colon) in a soothed state. Strongly recommended.

Cayenne Capsules Cayenne Capsules

Great support for the heart, circulation, arteries, veins and blood pressure.

Slippery Elm Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm Plus is specifically aimed at helping maintain comfort of stomach and intestines. A fantastic herb, soothing in every way. Available in capsules or in powder, to make as a drink.

Cascara Compound variations Cascara Compound variations

A great support for good function of the bowel, or colon. Alternatives to the original Dr Christopher formula - our Cascara Compound Capsules or Drops. There are Cascara and Lavender Capsules and Cascara and Buckthorn Capsules.


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